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Business E Mails 


  You can have own business web mails @1200/- or US $24  year.

  No other hidden costs, No other risks of losing data and world's most powerful Spam free, mail servers are available at the lowest cost. 

   You can have 


 1.You can download the e mails to any e mail clients, plus built in configure set up to MS OUT LOOK.

 2.Up to 20 professional business/personal e mails 

 3.20 MB Space capacity with mail forwarding facility. 

 4.More than 10 others functions as well. All in a nut shell. 

  Just 1200/- or US$24

   what to do? 

   Just email us to  with email addresses you want to create. 

  At subject line of that e mail please mention "business emails" 


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