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 This user agreement is relevant for all who ever take services of efforts international, and it is understood that if a person take any of our service means he or she is agreed to the terms and conditions cum disclaimer notice or agreement which is given here. If you have any doubt about any part of this agreement email us to to get more explanation about that.

Terms of Service

   The company Efforts international (or )here and after  will be  after called as "provider" and you or any one uses any of our services here and after will be called "user". 

 1. User must not violate any copy rights of any content posted prior to the servers and other parts of  or any pre clients of that company who already posted the so called material for public or private use. In case if happens so, provider has right to cancel or delete any standing service they provide to the  user (With no refunds (of any money paid by the user ) will be given in this case).

 2. Any abuse or spamming complaints if received by any other web customers or non customers or ISPS If file with us against the user, after a short enquiry, if the user finds guilty, the services given to them will be cancelled with out a refund of given money. The spamming is very strictly prohibited. and any thing connected to threatening  references, harassing or defamatory re marks will be considered under the same class including denial of services, hacking cracking etc. 

3.No illegal activities will be allowed, and adult contents will not be allowed in our servers, unless take special permission from us. 

4. Bulk e mailing is prohibited and for that lease contact us and we will refer you to mail set up systems. From our Mail Servers, the  bulk mailing is strictly prohibited, and if continue to do so user will be deleted form using our services and no refunds will be issued. Flooding or any deliberate attempt to over flooding the message and mail servers will lead to the deleting and ultimate cancellation of the user's account with us. 

5. The provider will not take responsibility of the safe guarding of clients password and other sensitive data. Provider will not take responsibility of any catastrophe that which lead to the downing or denial of any service.

6 Credit card and other financial frauds will lead to sudden termination and follow up with legal (civil  as well as criminal ) procedures. 

7 Once the user paid the cost for a service NO Full or Partial refunds will be processed for any reason, unless that is agreed by the provider by written agreement and that too in a special or particular case with ample reasons for the same. 

8. If a user did not observe the rules stipulated for using that service, the user's account will be terminated with a short 7 days prior notice. ( This is more important in accessing free hosting service options and other free services). 

Right To Refuse Service and Cancel Accounts

 The provider has right to cancel any existing account with a 15 days prior notice or denary any new account with out showing reasons for that. This is effective to all the services. 

  Since the machines are running on power and since so many other factors can effect the smooth running of many of the services being provided by the provider, The provider will not take any liability of  any loss and damage that caused of the unexpected catastrophe or even the un stoppable reasons and the reasons beyond the power of the provider to solve. The user has to take back ups of data always and they can up load if any emergency come. This is also applicable if and in the case of server migration and up gradation of servers and so on.

Provider  reserves the right to change/update this user agreement including jurisdiction, without notice to any of their users or  clients.

 Present jurisdiction is  Bangalore (India) And Troy (OH-USA) 

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